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from the 200 UAH / bed
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Sana hostel in Kharkiv

Rules of accommodation
  1. Paying time at "Sana" hostel – 12 am, check-in time is around the clock, departure time is until 12 am.
  2. In case of settling after 12 pm, the fee is charging for half a day.
  3. The priority right to accommodation in the "Sana" hostel is obtained by persons with confirmed reservation of the room, other guests are served on a first-come-first-served basis if there are available rooms.
  4. Room reservation is free.

  5. We provide the key from the room after verification of person’s ID document, the completion of the registration card and payment for accommodation.
  6. The administrator has the right to refuse to stay with guests who do not have an identity document with them who are in a state of strong intoxication, in the absence of payment for the number in full, and in case of refusal to comply with the rules of residence.
  7. When leaving the hotel, the keys are handed over to the administrator.
  8. From 23:00 to 8:00, please observe the silence. In the rooms at this time it is forbidden to turn on the TV at high volume and avoid loud talk and laughter.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel. You can smoke only in strictly designated places on the territory of the hotel. Penalty for smoking - 500,00 UAH.
  10. For damage to property or loss of the key from the number, a fine of 3 times the amount of the actual damage caused is charged.
  11. For gross violations of rules and public order (including repeated smoking in all areas of the hotel), the administrator has the right to evict the guilty immediately, without refund.
  12. Check-in with pets is prohibited.
  13. If there are free seats in the economy class rooms, the administration has the right to accommodate guests of the same sex.